The importance of proxy contracts

Traditional temple
Traditional temple
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Although Ethereum has done well to bring immutable logic to software development, bugs are constantly found within contracts. Plus, there will be significant costs of migration if there wasn’t an appropriate plan beforehand. Therefore, this value has to be considered at the design of the product and then cautiously implemented. Security and evolutivity are crucial — especially when it involves people’s funds.

The relevance of immutability in any business model is out of this scope. Rather, this article highlights the technical side of it.

Since there are no high-standard development tools to prevent mistakes from being committed or to enable…

We demonstrated in the previous note the need to build a homeostatic stablecoin, the example of MakerDAO token, in this note, we will illustrate how it actually works.

What is a stablecoin?

A stablecoin is literally a stable cryptocurrency.

The operation of a dollar-backed stablecoin is simple. If the price of one cryptocurrency is x U.S and you exchange 1 unit against this stablecoin, you’ll have x units. If that cryptocurrency price drops or rises by 10%, you will still have x U.S.

Different types of stablecoins

All stablecoins have the same purpose but each has a different mechanism.

  1. Fiat-collateralized: This model implies that the entity issuing the…

The disruptive power of cryptocurrencies and BLOCKCHAIN technology as its backbone is widely expanding over last years: the size of BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN, the first decentralized cryptocurrency and remains the most expensive worldwide, was projected to 184 gigabytes as of the second half of 2018, with a market-cap valuated to hit 57.28 billion U.S dollar this year.

The possibility of joining in an extremely high returns offered by this market has resulted in huge inflow of investors from all industries around the world, in addition to the phenomenon of Initial Coin Offerings, which places finance within the reach of everyone, whether…

A currency refers to a monetary unit issued by a state and accepted in international transactions, it is therefore an essential trade tool, allowing the purchase or sale of goods and services.

The following report is a brief and very basic demonstration of how a currency gets its value and the reasons behind the ups and downs of each exchange rate in forex charts.

Breaking down a currency

According to Aristotle, any currency has three main functions:

  1. A means of exchange: Without money, we would be forced to directly trade goods and services for other goods or services. …

“An ambiguous and problematic word which can mean several different things, both in Bitcoin and elsewhere. It is often used to hand-wave decision issues as, “well, everyone will basically agree.”

In Bitcoin, the word “consensus” is unfortunately used in several very different ways. Really, all of these usages should be replaced by distinct, different words, and the word consensus should never be used.”

- Bitcoin wiki

In the following lines we will review the most known consensus patterns and implementations, and demonstrate the technical features behind each.

Byzantine fault tolerance

One of the major issues of distributed computing is concurrency properties, i.e reach…

#Parity #Docker #Ethstats

This part demonstrates the use of parity framework to setup a proof of authority (POA) based Blockchain.

We have basically used to build the Blockchain.

The project mentioned above consists of a set of parity configuration files to customize the network, bash scripts to automate the process and a keygen script to generate the crypto materials for each node.

It also provides the option to start an ethstats monitoring instance that can be connected through the browser.


bash — config aura — nodes 7


1- The Blockchain administrator introduces the parameters of the…

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